eX700 (הגדל)

The eX700 Series represents a ground breaking product to come to market: The Revolutionary IIoT Controller.
The product’s concept is permitting a prudent investment into the implementation of IIoT and hence Industry 4.0 compatibility.

As such it provides a true all in one solution covering many functions such as:

·        As a powerful Browser with industry standard Web engine powering state of the art Chromium browser

·        As a Gateway with up to 3 Ethernet networks,OPC UA pub/sub* Server and Client, future TSN connectivity* and multiple protocols

·        As a powerful HMI using JMobile inside with multi touch operation in a brilliant high resolution display

·        As a PLC with the CODESYS V3 and Ethernet distributed I/O stacks and extremely high processing power

Key features:

·        Created Within the X Platform

·        Industry 4.0 Product Concept

·        OS Linux RT

·        JMobile - the software that powers the X Platform

·        CODESYS V3 with Ethernet I/O Stacks

·        Powerful Board Components

·        Multitouch with Gesturing

·        Brilliant 2,000,000 pixel Display

·        Wide Angle Visibility

·        Beautiful 16,000,000 Colours

·        Resistant to Scratches, UV and Chemicals

·        Total Glass Design

·        Fast Boot <10 secs

·        Fast Writing 50MByte / sec

·        Up to 3 Ethernet Networks with different PHY

·        Plug in Modules for system Expansion


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