Universal f/I-f/f converter 4225

Measures frequencies up to 100 kHz

Active and passive current output ±23 mA / 0...23 mA

Buffered voltage output ±10 VDC

Linearization: Linear or square root function

2-Point process calibration

Programmable trigger levels -0.05…6.5 V

Programmable sensor supply 5…17 V

NAMUR sensor error detection

Advanced configurable input limits for increased safety

Digital output: NPN & PNP; 0...100 kHz with programmable logic level 5…24 V

Output relay with windows, setpoint and latch functionality

Simulation of process value during commissioning and maintenance

All terminals are over-voltage protected (24 VDC), polarity protected and short-circuit protected

  4225 Universal fI-ff converter
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