Productivity 1000

Productivity 1000 (הגדל)

The Productivity1000 series PLC is the super compact yet highly capable member of our Productivity controller family.
Packed with many of the features you love about the Productivity family but housed in a smaller, slimmer design and with a CPU , the Productivity1000 PLC will deliver the time, space, and budget savings your project needs.
Top hardware features: 50MB user memory easily handles complex applications 4 built-in communication ports for easy connectivity to your PC or various industrial networks: micro USB, Serial RS-485, Serial RS-232, Ethernet 10/100Mbps Data logging up to 32GB on a microSD card (sold separately) Slim, stackable, super compact design Add up to 8 I/O modules for a total of 128 discrete I/O points or 32 analog I/O channels

Choose from spring clamp, screw terminal or the popular ZipLink wiring solution for your I/O wiring needs

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